Tuesday, December 22, 2015

22nd day of Advent, spring mountains

Today's weather was so hot in Taipei , it didn't feel like spring, it was summer! So, instead of using a high oxidation and/or roasted Oolong, I adapted today's 22nd Advent tea to the sunshine: I chose my high mountain Oolong from Tsui Feng (1900 m) from this spring.

I matched it with my silver kettle for crisp and hot water, a zhuni teapot for top flavor extraction and my light celadon singing cups.
Freshness everywhere in these leaves! They are as green as a Christmas tree!
And the sunshine hitting the brew reveals how marvelously clear and clean the tea is.
Oolong's range of aromas and characters is so varied that there are leaves for any kind of Christmas weather!
The fragrances are light and flowery, the taste is refined, buttery, fresh and active, and the aftertaste is pure energy, almost like Champagne! Impressive.
What a merry cup of tea!
Enjoy it with some Christmas music:

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