Friday, December 11, 2015

Advent Day 11, competition Oolong

We are 2 weeks before Christmas and there are still so many things on the to do list...

While stress and expectations are building up, it's important to find the time to relax and enjoy every day, as they come.
My project to share a tea experience every day provides me with a good excuse to take a break and brew one of my favorite teas. Today's tea is last year's spring competition Dong Ding Oolong havrvested in Tsui Feng.
What makes this Oolong special is that it comes from a very altitude (1700 m) and that it's roasted 'Dong Ding' style, which means it can be called Hung Shui Oolong. This is already quite special, but what makes it exceptional is how it tastes 1 and half year after its production.
The roasted scents of fire have slowly mellowed down. The high mountain character is more and more obvious and it comes with a much sweeter, smoother, deeper touch thanks to the initial roasting.
It has a touch a cold mountain, sweet honey and warm chestnuts that is a great match for the Christmas season!

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