Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Advent Day 8, Red Extreme Delight

Red tea is a great choice for cold and grey mornings. So, today, I had my other red tea from Mojiang in Yunnan. It's made with high mountain Qingxin Oolong leaves and buds from spring 2012. I'm keeping it in a big qinghua porcelain jar. It's very different from the Dian Hong I had yesterday. It has a lighter taste and scents. It's not as sweet, but can be slightly astringent if not prepared well.

For the first brews, it's important to pour the boiling hot water very slowly on the leaves. But it's not necessary to brew very long, because the leaves aren't rolled.
A thin gaiwan and thin cups help to underline the finesse and lightness of this high mountain red.
The color isn't very dark, because I want to taste this high mountain character. That's why a low leaf to water ratio is OK.
The scents are closer to perfume than any other tea I can think of right now. It has a little sweet and sour touch that adds life to the taste.
It feels like a Christmas song sung by a choir of children. Pure, light and sweet.
Angels are rejoicing! Hallelujah! The warm Christmas spirit lives in this Chaxi.
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