Sunday, December 20, 2015

Advent day 20: Concubine Oolong season

Sunday is again time for my tea class with Teaparker. This means the tea choice is up to him and will be a surprise! While today's Chaxi is again in the Christmas spirit, the chosen leaves echo those I had 4 days ago: concubine Oolong.
The handmade chatuo are particularly cute:
The link to Christmas shouldn't simply be in the decoration (of the chaxi) but also in the spirit, the feeling conveyed by the tea. A high oxidized, jassid bitten Qingxin Oolong feels rich, warm and sweet. For today's lesson, our task was to identify the differences between 2 types of concubine Oolongs. This is an interesting exercise that you can also make with this and that concubine Oolong. You'll notice more sweetness in winter, and finer fragrances in spring. The dry leaves already look different.
Even the beautiful tetsubin wears a cute Christmas hat that protects the fingers from getting burned!
And the brews shines with a dark orange and gold shine! The contrast on the white cup and the dark blue Chabu gives an intense feeling of warmth.

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