Saturday, December 19, 2015

Advent Day 19, 2003 aged Oolong

We're already the 19th day of Advent and I still haven't tasted one of my favorite type of teas. Let's remedy this situation with a session with my spring 2003 Hung Shui Oolong from Yong Long (Dong Ding).

Aged Oolongs are becoming highly popular in China right now, especially those from the Dong Ding competition that come in their original packaging. 
Since I'm using an Yixing zhuni teapot, I only use a few leaves. That's why the first brew looked a little pale, but the next ones were stronger once the leaves had opened up.
(Good) aged Oolong are popular for a similar reason than puerh: you can still taste their freshness and power as their scents evolve toward more aged wood, incense or even whisky scents! The taste gains finesse and harmony (as the roasting aromas disappear).
For puerh, the transformation can take decades, which is a sign of their amazing power. With Oolong, the impact of aging can be felt much more quickly, especially if you store the leaves in a porcelain jar that allows the presence of some air.
12 years is a cycle in the Chinese calendar. It's also the age of my first child. This gives a special meaning to this tea. It represents time that passes, kids that are growing up. The nice thing is that this tea doesn't feel old in any way, but mature, harmonious and still fresh.
Warm advent pleasure.
A sweet ray of sun on a winter day.

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