Thursday, December 27, 2012

The year 2012 in 12 pictures

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas celebration. Mine went pretty well, except for the fact that I'm not used to drinking both red and white wines for dinner. The next morning, I felt a little bit hazy. Since it was Christmas Day, I turned to my strongest 'hangover tea', the 1960s loose raw puerh. And it worked great: I felt clear and high spirited after a couple of teapots!
Tea continues to inspire, nurture and even heal my body and soul! I want to share with you these 12 pictures marking some of my greatest tea moments in 2012:

December - Time for an old Hung Shui Oolong

September - Un thé fête la pleine lune d'automne

August - Jouer aux antiquités

July - RED - Red Extreme Delight

June - La vie en rose

May - Top Alishan Oolong - Spring 2012

April - David Louveau's qingbai cup makes a splash

March - The return of spring

February - Wu Yi Shui Xian

January - The sun changes everything

Click on these links for the pictures of 20112010, 2009 , 2008 and 2007.


merlin said...

Des très belles prises de vue ! L'année s'est voulue bien fructueuse pour toi, et pour nous par l'intermédiaire de ton blog ou même en direct. Je te souhaite les meilleurs voeux pour cette fin d'année 2012.


Petr Novák said...

Dear Stéphane,

Thanks for another year of unflagging work of sharing and refinement on way of tea. Great work!

Just few words on one of the best teas I have ever had

Happy end of the year, light for the new one...