Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Revisiting the 'perfect' Oriental Beauty of 2007

Some teas have the power to put us in awe. Whaooh! A tea can be THAT good! So pure, so deep, so fine... I had this feeling when I encountered this tea (scroll down in the post) 3 years ago.

The multicolor, tiny dry leaves of Oriental Beauty are so delicate. The dry leaves' fragrance goes beyond tea in the realm of feminine perfumes. 3 years later, the smell has added more depth, but shed some of its fresh 'bite'. It's less shine, more substance and calm. It's changing.

I use my smallest 'ivory' white gaiwan to get its true taste and reduce the amount of leaves I'm brewing. The red kimono belt provides a matching background for this highly oxidized Oolong. The open leaves are magnificient:

The taste is still very pure, sweet and light. The fragrance of the brew is a little darker, but its refinement still makes me go 'hmmmmm'! The first brews are particularly amazing.

Some of my readers had the opportunity to purchase this 'perfect' Oriental Beauty 3 years ago. If you are one of them and are interested to taste how it evolved, I still have some left to share with the first 5 people to contact me. (Price and quantity are the same as 3 years ago).


Leaf said...

Hi Stéphane,

I don't know if somebody already contacted you, but if there's still place left, I would love to taste that tea! The only thing is, I wasn't there to buy some three years ago. Do you only sell it to people who already tasted it?

Whatever the answer is, anyway, I wanted to tell you how truly fascinating you blog is. I spent most of my summer catching up with the archives, where I found a whole new view of the world of tea. Thank you for writing this blog, it really is helpfull for people of their way of tea.

Leaf xxx

TeaMasters said...


Please send me your e-mail. I'll put you on the waiting list in case less than 5 people contact me.

Leaf said...

The email where it's easier to join me is: tealeavesandviolins (at) live (dot) de. You can write to me in French or English, as you like, as I'm from Quebec and quite fluent in both languages (mother thongue being French).
Thank you! It's really kind of you.

Michel said...

this tea is divine..
To any one that drinks it it will enchant. .

Jason M. Cohen said...

Dear Stephane,

Is this the same OB I bought from you a while back?

I may still be drinking it myself!

Great stuff.

TeaMasters said...

No, from what I see you had some top grade OB in the past, but not this OB.

Thanks Michel.